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Ny Nyloni
Germany´s most successful female author of pantyhose erotic, hotwife and MILF fantasies!
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Jan 13th 2023

The Cumming

I wrote this story for a good friend, our regular innkeeper of a student pub in Bielefeld, where we frequented when I visited my young architect Paul, after he had studied in Munich, where I met him in 1986 in a movie theater, and was hired by my foster parents in the architect’s office of my foster father, also an architect. For many years I commuted between Bielefeld and Munich, where in the meantime I worked for Bavarian television as an editor and presenter. Our phone sex was legendary, as you can imagine! Skype was not invented yet! We sent each other videotapes! On them we masturbated or showed the other how we had sex with others. Always our thing!

When my foster father died, my spouse took over the company, became world famous and later had tens of offices on all continents.

He recently sold this empire and now we live more poorly than well in Munich and in one of the most expensive hot spots on the planet, haha! Alright, I too had already brought something into the marriage.

So back to our regular innkeeper. By the way, it was him who set up my website in 1997 and still manages it to this simple standard. For that I pay in kind, haha!

In the following story, I’ll tell you roughly, with me as secretary, I love role-playing, how it would have been for him if I had been a normal guest. But he recognized me as soon as I entered his pub as a TV starlet, well, Paul and I ended up in his bed soon after, with me in the middle. The innkeeper also likes nylon, what a coincidence!

Let’s go then…


It was incredible how this woman went off when she got going! Incredible things were happening on his twitching member and he soon feared that he could not stand this much longer. Even the first kiss surprised him, like a ripe peach, juicy and sweet, with a lively, tender tongue in it, and now he felt the warm, soft mouth lay deliciously over his cock like liquid velvet. Where had this woman been before she had come into his life so abruptly, just walking through the door like hundreds had in the years before her. It had been three days since she had entered his restaurant.  

Great had been his anticipation all morning, because he had discovered the pantyhose cover from Wolford next to him on the empty side of the bed when he woke up, with the little note next to it, a red heart on it, and the message that this exact delicacy would be coming his way today at lunch, on his legs and with the outfit of a secretary, which indeed she was. She had already put on the pantyhose, a honey-colored Wolford Satin Touch 15, when she had stumbled into the office early this morning, with her bright red ankle boots clacking so seductively on the marble steps in the stairwell. He not only heard the pointed, high heels, he literally saw them in his mind’s eye and already felt a sweet tickle in his cock, which immediately took up blood again, although the delights of last night had cost quite a lot of strength, but now pushed themselves back into his memory in all their variety.

When he had come home, from his pub at 01.30, she had already been waiting for him, wet and horny, because her lust had risen continuously, that had happened to her since she had seen him, they had recognized each other as two sexually oriented people, she the black yin, he the white yang, that had just been a few evenings ago. When she imagined that he was about to come, inside her and desiring her, especially her, because she was the first woman who could give him absolute satisfaction. Already that first night he had confessed to her what made her so unique for him – besides her cheerful and open nature, her breathtaking beauty. He was turned on by the fact that she was so different from all the homespun sweater-wearers in his 1980s student bar in Bielefeld. She was like a Brazilian parrot in the midst of East Westphalian pigeons.

Last night he had been drinking, which was not so bad, because then he could fuck incredibly long and persistently! The result was that he had licked her only when he was lying in the darkness of the bedroom, under the wide bedspread, where her long silky legs had already been waiting for him, dressed only with a black waver-thin tights, classical 12cm Louboutins of the same color on her feet! She would have liked to blow him too, tried to get there, but he refrained from that, gently pushing her back into the pillows until she just enjoyed him. For a couple of hours before at work he had been imagining how he would take her, now he did, first with his mouth and tongue, then additionally with two thrusting fingers, until she began to coo and whimper, to loll, to put her silky legs over his bare shoulders, to scrape at his neck with the fine textures, his hands at the same time again on her long thighs on the tights, then clawed around her bottom, so that the twitching pelvis did not escape! At the first sign of orgasm, he let her dive in briefly, only to break off and kneel with thick rod in front of her gate gyrating with desire, lifting her gorgeous legs at the knees, dropping forward, penetrating her, hearing her cries, feeling her scraping legs around his pumping hips, getting deeper and deeper inside her, faster and faster! Letting her fly in her lust, then yanking her around so that she came to sit on him, hearing her happy, horny laughter at the knowledge of her favorite position, feeling her feverish lust and her milking vulva, which was now really getting going as a result, releasing itself over and over again around his throbbing hard-on as he massaged her full tits with pleasure! Then finally lying tightly on him, screaming, moaning, cumming again and again, well into the multiple, while she cooed with pleasure felt his greedy hands on her silky legs! At the same time, her tongue continually rotated deep in his throat, her wide-open mouth pressed hard on his, until she jerked both their sweaty bodies around again, all exhausted and filled with all the delights! For now it was his turn! She stared at him from below with wide eyes, her tense face in close proximity to his, kissing, salivating, her womb convulsing!

He thrust at it, embracing the lithe body with his arms, hearing her satisfied, smiling moan, she now focused entirely on him, on his impending orgasm.

„Come, cum now! Yes, faster, yes, yes! Let yourself go! Surrender at last!“

He felt his resistance to release fade long ago, saw only her dilated eyes, felt her tight, rubbing fruit, her silky nylon legs clasping him, heard her come calls, heard his own Yes! Now! For at last he felt it coming, he surrendered whimpering, moaning in release! She embraced him even tighter with all her clinging limbs, thrusting against it like mad from below, wanting to see it come in his lust-distorted face! Grinned diabolically when she saw it: his screaming mouth, his slipping, unbelieving eyes!

A Parforceritt per Excellance! Unbelievable only a few days ago, unimaginable actually, when this goddess so unexpectedly stumbled into the smoky pub with the long bar in front of the dining tables and she took a seat at one of them. Immediately his inner, hidden being had struck, this secret, hungry little animal, which stood on long, silky stockinged legs, which however did not exist in this world of the alternatives and braves. Immediately he was around the counter, serving her himself, she smiled at him warmly and kindly, with wide eyes and red open lips with a beautiful face between tousled blond hair! She immediately saw his gaze sucking at the suede over-the-knee boots, the short leather skirt and the fine, shimmering textures of the crossed legs and she knew he had lost.

 In her lunch break! He got half hard when he heard her horny, clacking sounds on the marble in the stairwell, involuntarily grabbed himself and felt his pulsing hardness. The apartment door opened, closed again. Rapid, purposeful footsteps on the carpeted floor in the hallway, then the bedroom door opened, her heated face appeared, fresh and erotic make-up, purple eye shadow, red smiling mouth, ferrari red, like her long fingernails, which he noticed joyfully, because she immediately pulled back the bedspread and threw it on the floor! Briefly they both looked at his bobbing privates, grinning at her mischievous remark that he should not start without her! She sat down close beside him on the edge of the bed, her red linen skirt, unbuttoned high before, gaped apart, his mouth too, as he saw the glorious, shiny surfaces, shimmering honey-warm, high to her waist, just for him!

His hot hands, his groping fingers acted like current collectors on them. A sudden tickle, produced by it, drove into his bulging glans, just before her mouth took it in without hesitation! His cry, horny, long and blissful, her tongue immediately in the right place, she looked at him lustfully as she teased his taut frenulum, knowing full well what she was doing, alternating between expert tongue-tip,


pointed nails and rubbing pincer fingers! His greedy hand, driving in over the crackling yarn into her incredibly hot center, where the gusset had been opened by her with a small nail scissors! She moaned lustfully and loudly as he slid into the wetness, with expert fingers, letting her jerking womb dance on it, the delicacies she dished out becoming even more violent! She suddenly took up her shimmering legs, as if knowing of his lust, she offered them to him for refreshing pleasure, while he leaned back, pleasantly surprised by this pleasurable refinement! He embraced her silky, long surfaces, lying close beside him with both hands and naked arms, kissing and salivating the rough-smooth nylon with panting mouth, open lips, wild tongue! She didn’t let go of him, on the contrary, she punished him for it, jerking, blowing, moaning herself that he had made her come, over and over again last night, gazing steadfastly into his dilated eyes, letting him know:

„I had to make myself do it in the staff bathroom earlier, because I imagined exactly how you’d look and twitch in my mouth if I did exactly what I’m doing right now!“

She held out her red ankle boots to him, he licked along the long, pointed heels, then over the leather, again over her slender, silky calves, half straightened, again seeking her wet pussy, the spectacle on his cock increased still, briefly he saw her long, blonde hair pinned up waving back and forth over it, just felt the relentless sweetness she was giving out there!

She guessed where he wanted to go, allowed it, spread her thighs with the light shiny silky smooth surfaces on them, on which he now put his hands, until he could embrace her ensnared buttocks, pressed half sitting upright his face into her wet hot sultriness and when he reached the open gusset, he already felt the first, final tickle in his martyred glans! But he now began to lick her wildly as well, relentlessly and firmly, his mouth full of liquid! Her lap pressed against him, he heard now also her moaning fiercely, maybe he could still defeat her, until it was so far with him, there she went mercilessly to jerk him hard, to tonguing, where he felt it most like, but now not necessarily still needed! His ass moved more frantically up and down, he began to drive into her mouth without control, as she also pushed herself towards him! And then he heard it, at the same time as he felt it: her cumming, his cumming and when she cried out, but first, with her mouth open so as not to bite him, he too finally let it flow out of him! Immediately she was over him again, taking him in the demanding, wild velvet of her swallowing mouth and he guessed that when this orgasm subsided, she would kiss him with it moaning – while she used his residual stiffness to get some more on him!

Silky Kisses
Ny & Paul

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Jan 6th 2023

 In the swingers club

Guys, now it goes to the cannon! To my core competence!
Unfortunately, in the pandemic, all swingers clubs have been closed, I think many are broke,
will not be able to reopen.
The virus will not allow that, unfortunately!
But of course I can rave about better times....

Sometime in the past...
...Hand in hand we walk to the entrance. My high heels clack seductively on the paved path. At the reception we are greeted amicably, just like regular guests. In the locker room, I see Paul's excitement under the tight black mesh bodysuit he always wears as his only piece of clothing.

His well-built body continues to turn me on and I also hope for the opportunity to watch him... if he gets it or gets it.... later... much later! Our routine is mostly the same, has become well established over the decades... the boss comes last.... or again!

The front area with the bar is well frequented with half naked people in lingerie, attractive or less beautiful... slim or chubby.... old or young. All of them are standing or sitting at the oval bar, talking... watching and examining us... greeting us... probe our bodies, we have attracted their attention, as always.... and it excites me when they appraise me to see if I am as hot and as good as I look.

I am, guys, don't worry about it!

Some faces you know, the associated pussies and dicks even better. Some men nod smiling, others just stare. Women look unabashedly at the distinct bulge of my husband! Men on my naked, wonderful tits. They may be looking forward to their fullness and in their minds they cum over the firm mounds. Some know that I also appreciate it very much on my face! Others admire my long, perfectly shaped legs, shimmering in seductive, shiny mocha-colored nylon... gape fascinated at the hole in the crotch.... my stiletto black strappy sandals. With me, they may find their fetish that they don't get at home.

My clit is twitching... is felt big as a tennis ball... pushes itself already cheeky through the wet labia... my pussy is soaking wet... my lap moves on the bar stool.... I think in itching intervals... drinking cold, sparkling champagne.... kissing my husband now moaning.... demanding... finally want to go to the playgrounds... want to stare through peepholes.... let me grope thereby... from right and left!

My pussy wants to be eat out and be spoiled.... finally fuck... be fucked... again and again!

I see Paul is also ready, big and stiff the Giant under the net of the bodysuit.... just push aside the fabric, I think horny.... lips over it... uuhhh... get the must!

No, not yet... Delayed enjoyment!

His desire will be impossible to hide. With the size. I once again teasingly squeeze his boiling flesh through the thin fabric of the bodysuit.... slide off the wet stool and go ahead. He follows. So do many pairs of eyes. Some set drinks down, rise, sneak up behind us.

More men... but also couples... single women!

A little later we see a still free room on the right at the end of the corridor, only a square sunbathing area on a pedestal, mirrored all around... I pull him in with me, he lies down against the mirrored wall, I lie down next to it... start to blow the giant... with pleasure... expertly! Half erect, Paul looks at my head with the pinned up blond hair above his lap.... can watch in the reflecting glass my artistry... while he feels my.... lips... tongue... nails... teeth... deep throating... Egg sucking... all very leisurely... it's just a turn-on for possible observers.... who will soon arrive!

The door fills more and more with onlookers... they enter, still standing respectfully at the walls, I look from the corner of my eye... become really horny again... spasm with my clit... let my tongue continue to circle on Pointie... jerk with tender pincer fingers the thick, throbbing shaft, through which the blood pulses into the itching glans!

I must be careful, he must not come now, because then his tension is gone, the desire to watch me gone for now. That's why he lies against the wall, I towards the middle of the bed, accessible to all. He doesn't, Paul doesn't need the foreign stimuli of other women who would be only too happy to polish his big boner, with curious fingers, lips and pussies. Although I would still like to watch that today. But watching me and being spoiled himself - that would bring the pleasure delay to an abrupt end!

Next to the door, against the walls, not two meters in front of the pedestral they are now, ten, fifteen men and women, singles and couples. My long legs with the strappy sandals protrude provocatively in their direction, the thin yarn shimmers seductively shiny in the semi-darkness. I spread them a little enticingly, showing my wet target, listening to the level of his breathing, which tells me the level at which he is surfing.... from one to five, I keep him at level three.... wave-like driven by my tongue and fingers!

There approaches the first subject, is the male part of a young couple, she stops a little unsteadily, but then reaches sideways and finds there a strange, hard rod of a single, to hold on to it. I groan... involuntarily move my butt on the mattress... now finally also wants to experience stimuli... blow more slowly... jerk off more carefully.

Another, rather aged, but wiry guy also approaches, sits down next to my legs first in front on the edge, looks at my husband questioningly, who will nod it approvingly. I feel the horniness pulsing more violently in his flesh, when with the hand of the old man also the fingers of the former, younger man lay on my perfectly formed, ensnared calves and caress them admiringly.

This is the moment to just let go.... I lay down to the back... while continuing to grap only the thick root of my husband, hardly exerting stimulus on his lust.... his visual one is now heated enough.... she will fill him and make his glans certainly already noticeably itch!

My husband bends over me, kisses me first tenderly, then more fiercely with open eyes, my lower body in view, feeling my wild lust rising in me kissing my wide-open mouth... I jerk with everything I have in my lap.... as I feel the fingers sliding up... the old man's and the younger man's... watching Paul, as they slowly approach my active volcano!

Ooocchh... I moan into his mouth! He will enjoy it... my pleasure is so palpable and powerful.... my clit feels like a glowing tennis ball, my husband strokes it with tender fingertips.... aaahhh... I scream out loud.... lying on my back spread my legs wide.... see nothing... feel... gasp... am all greed... so incredibly horny!

The young man finally crawls between my bent thighs.... between the high heels that press into the mattress. The old man is now lying close to me.... I search for his cock with my left hand.... my right dances like spider legs with the fingernails on the sensitive spots on the bobbing member of my man who continues to kiss me wildly. His fingers disappear from my spasming orifice as the foreign tongue tongues its way up the nylon of the pantyhose and I stretch my pelvis towards it.... against him... thereby impatiently moaning into the salivating mouth cavity of Paul!
I feel the old man's stiff cock.... sweet... while he presses his mouth heavily breathing on my joyfully excited, left bosom... my husband does it after him on his side.... at the same time I finally feel the contact down below... ooohhhhaaaa... the full glory of cunnilingus.... totally freak out... wildly it twitches and itches.... floods my being... it throws me back and forth... lets me scream in the yet surprising, suddenly surging orgasm!

"Ooooooaaaahhh... uuuaaaahhhhh.... yeeeaaaaaahhhaaaahhhhaaaaa...!"

Wildly tearing at the little hard-on on the left and squeezing my man just on the right... oohhh.... that's good down there.... kissing I scream again!

Lascivious hands stroke up and down the silky sides of my thighs, the young man holds me by the butt in position and starts the next attack!

Now also the old man kisses me... not so bad... I open my eyes, look to the right, where I see the horny, staring eyes of my husband, who watches everything.

But there it gets wet on my left hand, the old man moans, puts his face in my bosom flesh and succumbs to his quick exit. Too horny was this woman monster for him, too wonderful the constellation. He crawls away, not without me before still grateful to wipe my wet hand with a Zewa, while down further the bear rages and is licked!


My husband's mouth smothers my next climax. With two thrusting fingers, the young man now supports his arts and I immediately succumb again! This is going to be fierce here today.
Too horny and dissolved I am by now!


In my cock it itches and rages!
My wife jerks and squirms, moans with pleasure or screams in climax... alternately... it's the fourth man already fucking her, the third she blows beside, lying on her back, while the men kneel next to her face... I kiss her boobs, tease the nipples or hand out the condoms.... spreading her silky thighs on my side, caressing the nylon.... listen if everything is good with her... she enjoys audibly... while again an outpouring takes place.... her pontie attacks with blowing units are too violent... too surprising and good... it shoots into her mouth... onto her face... clenched around my throbbing rod she suffers everything moaning lustfully.... now her gaze becomes clearer... to me... I don't let anyone get close to her anymore.... she finally wraps the silky legs around the pumping stranger.... I feast on this sight.... his loud moaning... she comes again... he comes... discharges with supported upper body.... briefly looks gratefully at me... to her... the next one wants, approaches... but I politely turn him away.... his wife pulls him next to us... sits on it... others follow... it's getting crowded on the ground.

The attraction has finished for the time being... we kiss tenderly.... I taste the past hour.... feel her gentle jerking.... she grins at me... fuck me please... I unwrap a condom.... slip it on me... she rejoices... and then she sits on me... riding hard... coming loudly again.... I will come too... into the condom... her little mouse could be licked again later!

But I still throw her around, lie on her... in the silky scissors... we kiss wildly... her nylon legs scrape over me... wrap around me... "watch me cum!"... we stare into our wide eyes.... together we cry out.... it's so sweet... so much... so needed... she almost cries with delight.... I cum and flow.... it is simply divine with and in her!


What more could a man or woman ask for?

Silky Kisses

Ny & Paul

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Jan 3rd 2023

With me everything is real! 

I write now since 1997 on the Internet.

I've also been writing free stories on, sorry only in German, for years and often get compliments there. There you can read me in many stories. And rate me too! I do quite well, hihi!
But the most asked question is, if I make up the stories and they are just my imagination or if they are real adventures?

What do you think?
Guys, I have to tell you: They are almost all real!
The problem is, hardly anyone out there believes that!

However, I don't really fucking care. 

After all, men sometimes spend a ton of money to get totally screwed in phone sex in the past and in video chats today. 

While the "lady" at one end moans into her headset and fakes the multiple orgasm, the man at the other end splashes over his fingers in the office and has to watch out that nothing drips on the good pants - the "lady" continues to drive with the iron over her colorful laundry and still suckles the baby on the side while moaning and climaxing at the headset! Desperate Housewives, haha!
Since I can only say of me: With me everything is real! 

As real as my tits, guys

And as honest as my legs are long!

I once wrote a story (I used to have a CD!), in which I processed a real experience:

In it, I took a good-looking hotel guest, also traveling alone, to my room in a hotel bar and nibbled him by every trick in the book.

The kick was that my Paul 600km away on the phone has overheard.

Since I let it come right! So in real now!

And Paul has certainly sprayed violently over his fingers! 

Lived telephone sex evenly.

Or something like that:

 Okay, this was not after a visit to a hotel bar,
but in a hotel room in LA,
my beloved hubby gifted me a wonderful gang bang on my fortieth,
so one after the other three BBC`s have fucked me into madness,
real porn actors and the whole thing was filmed just for us!
Here you can hear it!
I wore hold-up stockings and bondage loops around the thighs, in which my hands were fixed!
Paul sat in a gauzy skin-colored tights of Wolford tied in an armchair
and was cumming sometime only by watching me and with the friction inside at the yarn!

For this I was also allowed to be a witness many times when my bestfriend Yvonne was a guest at our house and then my husband transmit via webcam to wherever (I was once at the TV, guys!), how wonderful his glans feels on the pierced tongue of Yvonne!


I actually want to suggest that many things are really possible, even if they sound so fantastic, just when you understand the game.

If you let it happen and can let it happen!

My motto: Whatever works!
Or as they say in swingers clubs?
Everything can, nothing must!

In summary: My lust is his, Paul's, lust, it makes me horny while watching,
I could rub my little cunt non-stop!

And I do - and then I write about it!

He feels the same way, watching me is almost even more beautiful for him,
than to let get it to him in front of my horny eyes.

We also like to masturbate together, over 30 years we have celebrated this at countless separations through our professions in the most diverse places in this world.
You know what, sometimes we even still do it at home,
in two rooms separated from each other, haha!

Role playing is also our thing! I have tens of wigs for such occasions.

Well, I'll tell you about that another time, right?

Silky Kisses
Your Ny
A real Münchener Kindl, now I also masturbate on Capri!
Read here who I am and my favorite masturbation place!

There I do not recognize myself! 1988!
Black wig. Cute shoes, right?

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First blog post Jan 2nd 2023

Blowing with pantyhose must be learned (From the beginnings)  

Jerry Hall, the American model, once said about her relationships and marriages, among others with Bryan Ferry and Mick Jagger: "If you really want get a man to stick to you, you have to give him a blowjob every day.  

My kind of thing!  

Fuck, hubby´s so huge! We call it the Giant, haha!

You look down at your fingers slowly creeping up his ensnared thigh. You see how the skin-colored nylon shines on his leg, you feel how it feels, it's different from yourself because now you just feel the fine material crackling under your fingertips! It is warm, soft, smooth, and rough at the same time! That is also what he feels when he now touches the gossamer structures on your legs, it makes hot blood shoot into his erectile tissue - now it also thunders in your loins! 

While your hand continues to slide up the inside of his thigh, promising pleasure, you look into his eyes that cannot break away from this touch, now crawling over the silky yarn on his testicles with red lacquered fingernails, lingering a little, tenderly testing the encased soft parts, then feeling the hardness of the thick root and rubbing with the palm the entire length of the cock on the encompassing, fine material, under which his hot, plump flesh itches violently!     

Horny gratitude you see in his heated face, heavy breathing reaches your open ear, you begin to befriend this novel for you, first encounter with his fetish between the curious fingers. Hot, liquid lust shoots itself into your restless lap, makes your itching clit spasm under spurts of lively blood!   

Now you grab it, squeezing the throbbing cock tightly, with the lovely nylon around it, until the bulging glans peels out of the foreskin! You do this instinctively!   

Most men and nylon lovers start to whimper when they get to feel this experience for the first time! Some toss and turn, others just cannot believe you are really doing it, fulfilling this wet dream for them! So, I was allowed to experience it again and again later, but in 1986 it was the first time for me to meet a man who wore pantyhose under his pants, when we happened to sit next to each other, in a Munich cinema.   

Back then, Paul clawed his way down my mocha-colored nylon legs the next morning when I started blowing him. He stared wide-eyed at my slender fingers with their long, dark red nails, all somehow trying to tease his really huge privates under the taut nylon of his gauzy tights! I had actually really scared me the night before, which giant stiffened in his lap under my fingers!  

Skillfully I first fully exposed the bulging glans, so that the fine structures of the yarn could press into the sensitive pores of the pink flesh!    

Such a stimulus is certainly among the highest that can be achieved in this not everyday affair, also led that morning to audible successes with clear, pleasure-flowing mobility of the pelvis of this man who had confided in me, showed me what he liked - which I love to this day!     

I found the sight immensely arousing, while I slowly pulled back the bedspread that covered his abdomen. I myself was already - or still - wearing my shimmering tights of Wolford, from which this man had still cut out the gusset with a small nail scissors during the night, while my pussy was already twitching violently underneath, waiting to be licked by him, at the beginning of a fantastic night that would not end until dawn!    

So, although I no longer expected that it would come to another sexual excess, I put on again the high-heeled leather pumps in the bathroom, as well as the opened pantyhose, whose gusset edge already showed telltale encrustations. Other clothes that lay scattered around the room, not yet. My full breasts are much too beautiful to hide them in these moments, giggle!  

"You know what else I'd like to experience now?" he asked as I stumbled towards him so freshly showered and made up with red lips, finding him waiting for me with a mischievous look on his face. Something about his facial expression told me, however, that he wasn't quite sure if I would go along with it. Curious, I sat down on the edge of the bed with him, just as he always liked to do later. He at once put a hand on my silky thigh, said nothing, I guessed that the surprise must be under the covers.    

Willingly I pulled it back and had to grin slightly, but also a hot shudder let it be seen on my facial features that I did not find this strange at all, but very exciting! His beautiful penis was already semi-stiff again and my positive reaction made him visibly swell, especially since I immediately put my hand curiously on his leg! See above!    

Tenderly, Paul's hand slid over my slightly shiny thigh to the buttocks and back, then down my slender calf over the narrow ankles to the dark red pumps, along the pointed heel to the carpeted floor and up again. My long legs stood next to the bed on which I sat still erect, willing for anything I languished at him, offered them to him gladly. Just like my beautiful breasts, which he now visited alternately with the other hand, tenderly irritating pinched the stiff nipples until my clit spasmed like an itchy worm!

But the real music played with my fingers on his cock, there they rocked the "Highway to hell"! I stroked, sometimes rubbed, massaged, pranced playfully, gave everything to this tightly yarn-covered flesh, stabbed almost viciously into his frenulum, then scratched tenderly with my fingernails over and over again along his tightened nervs cord! 

These thousand erogenous zones of the man we baptized later lovingly Pointie, you probably already know. And I did that because I had learned early; This needs to be done!

Already last night he confessed to me his enthusiasm about the fact that I knew with my young years, after all already 21, where the bee gets the honey. Because even in the cinema I did not leave him in doubt about my penis knowledge, haha! Thanks to my friend Violett, I had already been able to test my finishing touches in this delightful activity on her husband's cock last year. At that time of our fateful meeting, neither Paul nor I knew that these were our mutual acquaintances. But you certainly know that, if you are readers of my eBooks. See the edition "The Leg Model".

Slowly, I now straightened the large, magnificent penis, today we name it the Giant, under the nylon, embraced it under the glans with pincer-like fingers, pressed and pulled the nylon with the fine meshes into its plump, itching tip, feasting once again on the sight of this beautiful man I had just met yesterday, who gasped and moaned violently again and again surprised by the new impressions, then bent me, following an impulse that could no longer be suppressed, with my red-painted, wide-opening mouth over the ensnared glans, melted with pleasure with my lips on the fine structures of the taut pantyhose down the throbbing shaft until his large head filled my mouth!

First it becomes quite dry, you feel how the moisture of your mouth is absorbed by the fine fabric. You realize that it is an artificial fabric. But then you also feel the life underneath! This hard, hot rod pressing against you, already throbbing between your fingers like an embryo heart during an ultrasound!

And then I nibble! Behind the clamped glans rim down the shaft to the stop, as far as it goes at least with this giant, lick with the whole surface of my tongue over the fine net structures along the sensitive underside, feel the squeezing through small flesh pores of the glans, but especially those of the tightened Pointie, whose twitching nerve endings I stimulate with rotating tongue strokes, supported by a pointed fingernail, which I additionally insert into my mouth.

Now Paul jerks his cock into my mouth, I have to be careful not to hurt him with my teeth, jerk the now heavily stretched wet nylon colored by red lipstick even tighter around his almost upright pole, make the pleasure pain around his tip almost unbearable, his gasps and moans already tell me that the end is already near, I try to jerk the wrapped shaft with steel clawed fingers, bite and slurp, lick, spit in, it sounds like sucking on a washcloth, concentrate entirely on the result, my head is lifted, tossed back and forth with full mouth over the quivering pelvis, I feel the tightening hand of Paul on my silky thigh, the other in my hair, hear an infinitely plaintive sound - finally and happily taste the thick, slimy liquid suddenly on my tongue!More and more it swells warmly through the fine pores of the pantyhose that tightly embraces the itching, twitching glans into my milking mouth. It is still much, even after this night, his orgasm lasts long, I lick, yes swallow to keep the whole gift with me! In the process I hear him scream in disbelief!
Now I am also as horny as rarely on this our first morning!

And so I change position in a flash, take advantage of the still existing stiffness and slipperiness of the silky giant, swing me over my husband, position my lap - pressed my hot, dissolved gate over the slippery, ensnared rod while it is still hard!  

Awesome! "Aaaaahhhhaaaaa... aaaahhhaaaa... aahaa... aaaaaaaahhhhh!" 

The nice thing is, as usual, it doesn't take me long! It all goes as if by itself, our screaming mouths salivate in, soon I throw myself with flying hair and quivering torso back and forth on this rocking lap that gives me the right impulses with powerful thrusts! I feel like a cowgirl over a wild bull!
Only that he can not throw me off!
I always win, ladies and gentlemen! 

So I thought until now, because suddenly this stallion turns me around, briefly his cock is lost, I moan disappointed, he handles down, clamps the cuff of his pantyhose behind his balls, but then he penetrates me so deliciously that my scream explodes in my itching clit until I can only gasp lustfully... long... so lustfully long... because now he needs... oh yesaaaaaahhhhhhh... still nice and long!
Wow, now I'm in heat writing this!
"Paul! Where are you? Paul!?"

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