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Germany´s successful author of panty hose erotiscism, wife sharing and MILF fanatsies!

Ny Nyloni´s counselor

My personal, silky guide
for the lustful experience of the yarn

Here on these pages I give tried and tested tips for women who are not yet quite aware,
how to treat their nylon fetishist appropriate to the species.

Here we go, Ladys!

As an appetizer:

... Now it was time to give him the reason he had come,
Whereupon every nylon fetishist was waiting and so I put on my leg,
Pushed my thigh over his, still farther up,
Until I felt the hard rod, which finally slid along it 
And began gently with the inside of my silky pantyhose leg
To rotate on its full glans! A nylon lover would like nothing more than that,
That's why he was here!
Wild he groaned in my wide mouth, meandered with his tongue around mine,
while he stroked with both hands over the seductive yarn of the pantyhose on my rotating thigh,
and pressed it down for to get even more pressure on his tortured glans! ...

Questions? Let's go:

Stimulation 1:

Silky legs for caress

Streichel mich und küss mich


Lay your head on his thigh, so you have everything in front of your eyes and in comfortable reach.
Your legs in a pantyhose (in this case: Wolford Individual 10den, cosmetic) you lay along to his upper body.
You wear e.g. classic, white lacquer pumps, height 4 to 5 in, or even as in the photo of velvety velor leather.
They stand close to his heated face on the high heels and press themselves into the sheet of the bed.

Process & Effect:
Apart from the fact that your nylon fetishist will hardly believe this arrangement of your luxury body, he is eternally grateful to you,
because without a long fooling around you fulfill his desire for silky, long legs and accept it with pleasure,
when he puts his arms around your precious pieces, so that he can feel them with his fingers, and can slide with a broad tongue.
The delicate structures of the noble pantyhose will send lusty impulses directly into his glans tip, which you should take care of now!

Take your time and enjoy! While you should perform slow and tender pranks with two relentless fingers on his shaft below the glans, a finger perhaps on his frenulum.
You will experience how delicious and extraordinarily lustful your lover feels this whole ceremony.
Let your ferrari red painted fingernails work like spiders and martere him in its most sensitive place. Let him watch and almost come and start again from the beginning.

Soon he will want to explore you with his fingers everywhere, and if he has first found the opened crotch above your dissolving center,
then you should push your lips over him, as he will press his wide mouth with his tongue on your ankle, embraced by the velvety yarn, and groans only with delight before blessing your sanctuary orally!

In this final position, he can feel all your silky surfaces and when you come together,
he will scream on your nylon leg just as you can give vibrations in his glans with your scream!

Note: Gently open the dense cotton crotch with a nail scissors by cutting it longitudinally. Be carefull, did not injure the seams!

Stimulation 2:

The best in the morning, and not only then...

Für Eure Hände...

When you get ready in the bathroom, a close-fitting dress on the body (or just a white blouse) and the silky pantyhose on the legs and classic 4 to 5in pumps on the feet, then apply the red lipstick again and then go to the bedroom where your lover is still sleepy.

Process & Effect:

Sit down on the edge of the bed next to him and grab tenderly under the duvet.
Everything else happens by itself when HE realizes what true nylon fetishist fantasy is sitting on his bed.


Allow him to explore your silky legs down to the high heels.
Your open and certainly already wetted crotch will remain unaffected!
Watch both together your red-painted fingernails working like little torturer! Your hands, how they bring the things to throb!
A firm grip helps enormously. Sometimes below the crown, sometimes at the root. Jerk him several times veeery slowly but firmly clasped by thumb and index finger up and down - then make violent, short fast pranks. Then again slow and patient.
But he will soon lose his patience.

Red lipstick is essential! Have a break, put on new lipstick on your mouth lascivious.
For now it is really going on!

Do the Blow Job! 

Amongst other hot things like sucking and licking:

Stimulate his frenulum extensively! 
Here you will feel his hard pole twitsching and throbing. 
Make it with your tongue. Very slowly up to the tremolo.
Take it between your fingertips and pull it. 
Nibbles carefully! Use your fingernails!

Note: To play this event, you do not have to be a secretary, but maybe you should look so similar!
Rolling games are a very popular means of total fulfillment! It is also stimulating for him to do the preparations for his greedy eyes in the bedroom while he is waiting longingly for the things that will make him burst!
Lascivious walk with your long, shimmering legs and hot high heels a little while back and forth

Stimulation 3:

A cover for excitation...

Just put a pantyhose cover on the kitchen table in the morning
before he or you yourself leaves the house.
Perhaps a small note: "The content I have already opened ...!" or similar.
Or send a WhatsApp.

The day will be too, too long for him!

Try it out: Send him a message that you will put your thigh over his naked glans
and you will rotate with the yarn circularly as you lie beside him and kiss him wild.

Dirty: Or you will let him rub himself on your tempting nylon thighs,
while he looks at the cover next to it as in a self-sufficiency.
Make it yourself, too, while watching him come!

Bet that he is punctual in the evening ....?!

Stimulation 4:

Silky go to the cinema (a must do!)

Wear a maximum of 20 denim to the cinema, wear a short or slit skirt, and allow him to caress your silky legs with his hands.
Breath during the movie in his ear, your gusset would be opened and you are wearing no panties anyway! 

Let him explore this and then tell him: After a five-course meal by the best Italian, he could look at it again!

You can also get him in Hugh Grant's movies!

And that thing with the restaurant, you do not even want any more .... the next dark parking lot is just as satisfying! 
You are already open - squat on it and let his hands touch your silky thighs during this hot number.

Later in bed, or on the kitchen table, in the missionary position put your silky legs over his and rub him with it.
Maybe, if he wants to lick you, sling your thighs around his neck or put them on his back in case of he is naked. 
Be careful with the horny heels!

Golden rules:

Never wear a panty under or above a pantyhose. Especially if it is already open!

Make sure that she always looks immaculate. Runs or small cracks do not go at all!

Never lead him through the manege at the nose ring!
I mean to say: You shall love him with his sexual hobby, not manipulate with his fetish!

Does he love high heels - and what kind ?
How high? Classic pumps or sling pumps? Maybe boots? Ankle boots are very nice, too. Ask.
Never undress them out in bed - unless he wants to reach your feet!
Yes, nylon feet can also be very exciting and satisfying! Ask him again!

Not always true for tights: The more expensive is the better one, but wrong is it not!
Inquire which brand, colour and den-strength he prefers.
Frequently this changes according to mood and occasion.
But you can always surprise him.
Or buy the things together.
Suddenly he wants to go shopping with you, if you do not forget his fetish.
Buy beautiful things to wear and let him fuck you in. He will pay for it.

Remember, his fun is yours!
Main Features Nylon!

Fulfill his fantasies at times - then you will always be satisfied with his unconditional affection!

Silky Kisses and much success!


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