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Who I am

Ny Nyloni

I am a freelance journalist, live in Munich and on the island of Capri.

By my former public relations I could not personally write under my name.

So I chose the pseudonym Ny Nyloni!

To my person:

Born in Munich-Gruenwald in 1965 as the daughter of an Italian journalist and a bavarian beauty from Munich,
I look like you imagine a beautiful woman at the age.
5,75ft without Heels, Bra size 80D, Clothes  small.

My parents unfortunately died very early, but I grew up well-kept with my replacement parents 
in Bielefeld in East Westphalia, Germany.
There I still have a second domicile, together with my husband Paul.

My appearance is classically elegant, but also sporty casual.
I have long blond, slightly curly hair. My figure is slender but not skinny - with very long, shapely legs.

My beloved husband is Paul, self-employed architect working in Bielefeld, 
five years older and more of a Richard Gere type. 
To my delight he is very well built, everywhere!
He introduced me to the secrets of nylon fetishism and made me acquainted with wifesharing and swinging clubs.
Personally, I like to add mansharing.

My favorite clothes are characterized by Wolford. Not only the pantyhose, but also the private outfits. 
I like it professionally: Dark costumes and trousers suits, sometimes by Hugo Boss and other luxury labels, but also cheaper

Financially, I have been independent since the death of my parents, but I did not become megalomaniac.
I like to wear ferrari red lipstick with same coloured, almond-shaped fingernails.
I prefer to be on 4 to 5in high heeled classic pumps, mostly from Louboutin (in shoes but great mad!!)
A Wolford Satin Touch 20 or an Individual 10. In the colour mocca, honey, cosmetic - or classic black.

In 1998, I started writing erotic stories. My language is not exaggerated vulgar.
I write how I feel and must also be able to pronounce it. The sound makes the music as everywhere.
In the beginning there were short stories about beautiful people,
which make love with other beautiful people in pantyhose.
As Georgina O´Well I am writing for some time also erotic stories with very sensual touch and without fetish.

For more than 15 years, however, I've been giving back my own experiences from my life,
write fictional or true stories.
Particularly the preference of young, inexperienced men for the mature woman,
the MILF, known as Stifler's Mum, for example, has always been very successful.
Also the phenomenon of sharing the partner with others likes to find in my stories.
In all areas, my own experience helps me.
I am not only a positive and open-minded person in the sexual sphere. 
And I still do it today and often.
At the same time, I always respect the attitude of people who can not or do not want it.
Everyone according to his own.

My favorite saying is "Do you like what you see?"

I have never received a negative response !!

My photo album

To my guide for fulfilled pantyhose eroticism